City Attorney / City Marshal

City Attorney and City Marshal Sealsoffice of the city attorney

The Office of the City Attorney is established by the City Charter of the City of Garland. Under the Charter, the City Attorney is charged with providing legal advice to the City, to its elected officials on the City Council, and to representatives of the City. The Charter gives the City Attorney the duty and power to represent the City in all litigation and controversies involving the legal interests of the City.

The Office of the City Attorney represents the City in judicial, legislative, and administrative proceedings, advises City officials and representatives with respect to City policies, programs, and operations, and provides in-house legal services. By law, the City Attorney/Prosecutor is authorized and empowered to represent the people of Texas in the investigation and prosecution of certain crimes within the jurisdiction granted to municipalities. 

office of the city marshal

The Office of the City Marshal is a law enforcement agency performing non-traditional law enforcement functions within the City of Garland. Staffed by licensed peace officers, the City Marshals provide courtroom security services, serve as bailiffs to the Municipal Judges, execute misdemeanor arrest warrants, and serve orders of the Municipal Court. The Office of the City Marshal provides security services at the Garland City Hall, the Municipal Courthouse, and other assigned locations. The City Marshal enforces parking infractions at City facilities as directed.

Legal Advice

The Office of the City Attorney does not provide legal advice to members of the public. If you need an attorney, please visit the website of the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service.